Activate_MDF is part of the PartnerActivate platform. The module streamlines MDF processes enabling you to elevate your MDF beyond the transactional.

Bring your MDF to life.

The platform provides a singular, transparent view of the entire MDF process from budget allocation to deadlines, to project status through to granular reporting, simplifying management for Channel teams and providing greater insight into ROI. Enabling you to make more informed and accurate MDF plans.

Improve your Partner experience

Activate_MDF automates key processes, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and provides a systemised journey with clear deadlines, and real-time status updates, streamlining the experience for Partners.

mdf roi measurement

Increase your control.

With budget pots aligned to objectives, clear submission windows and staged deadlines, Activate_MDF enables you to increase your control over your MDF process. Specify the activities Partners can request funding for and easily manage the approval process.

Make informed decisions.

Improve your MDF measurement and ROI analysis with advanced data insights beyond the capabilities of most PRM MDF modules, allowing you to make more informed decisions on MDF budget allocation.
MDF roi measurement

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