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State of Channel 2022, Year 2, Edition II.

Sherpa Group CEO Tom Perry’s reflections of the State of Channel in 2021/22. This report discusses key themes that the Sherpa strategy & operational teams have identified amongst our client base of 40+ global technology vendors.

  • Channel First Channel Only
  • PRM Land Grab
  • From Leads to Full Marketing Enablement
  • Always-on Recruitment
  • Marketplaces
  • Incentivizing the Individual
State of the Channel

Transforming Channel Relationships

Our shifting environments and increased competitive activity among Vendors have brought about further pressure to create cut-through with Channel Partners.

Equally, our new world leaves little opportunity for yesterday’s face-to-face mechanisms such as sales events, floor walks and hospitality.

To see success in the new era, Vendors have to embrace alternative digital means to influence Partner behavior.

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Laser Focused channel marketing

For too long, Vendors have pushed out standardized campaigns for all of their Partners to run, regardless of their size, scale or niche.

There is a better way – a way in which both Vendor and Partner thrive.

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  • Avoid ‘one-size-fits-all’ for your Partner marketing campaigns
  • Rejuvenate your approach to Channel in 2022
  • Create long-term meaningful connections to improve your Vendor/Partner relationships